City Engineering was founded by Mr. Majeed Al-Sayed, a Canadian University Graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering, Structures in 1982. His work on significant projects came as a result of his 6 years’ experience as a civil engineer in the ministry of works. Equipped with knowledge and expertise, the ministry assigned him to work with international consultants that handled various projects, such as Arad Bay structures, Barger land flay over and A’Ali Bouri underpass, as well as many governmental schools, hospitals and office buildings.

In 1988, he started his own consulting firm “Al-Madeena Consulting Engineers” and in the same year, came “Batelco” as the first client. City Engineering was responsible to supervise and manage the construction works to Batelco’s headquarters in Hamala, where Mr.Al-Sayed worked as the site manager.

After the success of the project, Batelco hired Al-Sayed for 5 continuous years as a building maintenance manager, during which the firm was responsible for the maintenance and supervision of the new structures of more than 100 different telecommunication buildings all over Bahrain. Thus, the firm has grown in size and quality of projects, with more than 25 years of experience in diverse types of buildings and civil works, which include structural engineering, architectural design, project management, contract administration and site supervision.

The combined experiences of the highly skilled engineers and designers made City Engineering one of the leading consultant offices in the Kingdom and created opportunities for joint projects with developers, contractors together with other consulting offices who needed specialized services for their projects designs.

Our list of completed projects include private and local housing,, educational buildings, healthcare facilities, religious buildings,  showrooms in addition  to multistory buildings that are marked as landmarks over different areas of the Kingdom.